Manufacturing Process
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1. Structure and making process of coated abrasive products.
  1) Structure of coated abrasive products.
Backing A flexible or semi-rigid material to which abrasive grain is bonded by an adhesive.
Make coat The first adhesive coat which adheres the abrsive grain to the backing of a coated abrasive products,thereby ensuring proper anchoring and orientation of the abrasive grain.
Size coat Second adhesive coat applied to a coated abrasive product. The "size" coat unites with the maker coat and insures the final anchoring of the grain and proper total adhesive level to the finished product.
MSC( Metal Soap Coated) It is special coat processing to prevent clogging after size coat.
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Abrasive A substance used for abrading -grinding -polishing -lapping, such as the natural materials Emery,Garnet,Flint, and Crocus,and the manufactured or electric furnace materials Aluminium Oxide, Slicon carbide,and Zirconia Alumina.
  2) Processing of abrasive products.